July 31,
photo of the brow multitasker

Brows are one of the most personal features of the face and the focal point of your eye makeup. From their shape to their colour, texture and style, they’re the perfect way to frame your face.

Whether your brows are fine and sparse or full and thick, discover how The Brow Multitaskercan help you achieve a look that enhances your unique beauty. This multi-function tool is a pencil, powder and brush in one, so it’s perfect for brow-makeup beginners.

How bold do you want your brows?

brow style no fill fluffy brows
No Fill, Just Fluff

Comb brows with the spooled brush in the opposite direction of hair growth to tease them into shape.

brow style no makeup makeup
'No Makeup' Makeup

Comb brows with the spooled brush first. Pencil in any gaps in your eyebrows with the precision brow pencil.

brow style natural and defined
Naturally Filled & Defined

Use short, feathery strokes with the brow pencil to mimic the natural texture of brow hairs.

brow style maximum definition
Maximum Definition

Follow the natural shape of the brow with powder first, then build definition with the pencil.

Want more from your brow look?

Create fluffy, feathered brows by finishing with our clear Brow Now Brow Gel. Brush it through your eyebrows to effortlessly set them in place.

Take care overnight with our best eyebrow serum, NEW Turbo Lash Night Revitalizing Serum Lash + Brow – a gentle treatment serum that leaves eyebrows feeling stronger, nourished and conditioned. Before bedtime, cleanse the eye area then gently apply the serum throughout the brows using short strokes. It’s so easy, you can do it in your sleep!

For more advice on which brow makeup product is best for you, book a 1-2-1 appointment with an Estée expert, either virtually or at your nearest counter.