January 15,
An image of Lolly

Lolly Streek found modelling success at an unexpected age: her 50s. A self-professed ‘disabled dancing queen’, the beauty and lifestyle influencer knows exactly what it means to overcome expectations. Here, she talks skincare, self-care and the uplifting power of sisterhood.

Get to know your wrinkles

“As I've gotten older my love and confidence in my body has grown. Instead of not liking my wrinkles, I get to know them. This means getting to know why my body feels that way, why I look this way, and what can I do to make my skin feel its best.”

See skincare as self-care

“I've always loved skincare. My routine has really helped with my self-care. It's helped with my relaxation, and it helps to start my day. As I've gotten older, I've prioritised self-care and self-love.”

Celebrate how far you’ve come

“Around six months after my first birthday, I was diagnosed with Still's disease, which is rheumatoid arthritis in children. I spent a lot of my childhood in hospital. My mum was told, “She probably won't ever have an education, she probably won't be able to work. She probably won't even be able to have kids.”
I did all of that. I got a degree, started a business and a career, and had three children. I haven't let anything stop me.”

Cherish the women around you

“So much has happened since I was 40. I had a group of girlfriends that I didn't meet until I was in my 40s, and one of the girls who works for me has become one of my best friends. When I got one of my first big jobs (a TV commercial!), she bought me a charm that says, ‘You’re A Star’.
You might be a star, but it's your tribe, your community and your women that make up the whole constellation and give it power.”

Keep dreaming

“It's really exciting to think about who Lolly might be when she's 70 or 80. I have far more aspirations and dreams in my 50s than ever before. It’s very exciting.”

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