January 15,
An image of Lisa

TV presenter and author Lisa Snowdon has spent her career in front of the camera, so naturally she knows a thing or two about confidence. Here, she shares her advice on how to embrace the beauty of ageing, skin changes and all.

Don’t compare yourself

“I feel so much more confident now that I'm older. You spend so many years when you’re younger comparing yourself to other people, picking holes and finding areas that you want to change. Life's too short to worry about those silly little things.”

Be curious about the changes in your skin

“The changes that I've seen are interesting. I embrace them. When I see a new little line or new expression, I think, “Where did you come from?” But I also see my parents in my face, too, which is comforting.”

Take pleasure in skincare

“I've always had good skin and I've always taken care of it. Estée Lauder is such an iconic brand, with products that help women to look and feel the best they possibly can – which is everything I stand for. Empowering women, whatever their age.”

Say yes to something new

“When I turned 50, I was offered the chance to appear in MasterChef. I wanted to start saying yes to things that scare me. I thought, “Life’s so short: what am I waiting for? What am I afraid of?”

That gave me the confidence to think, “I’m just getting started. What’s next?””

Remember everything is temporary

“Then came my book, Just Getting Started. This is the book that I didn't have in my early 40s, to give me an idea of what was about to happen. It’s to help people understand that menopause is a transitional phase in a woman's life. We all have women in our lives and everybody can relate to this.”

Keep looking forward

“I'm just getting started. I think it's really nice to have that mantra. I don't know what's going to happen in the future – but bring it on!”

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