AERIN Amber MuskEau de Parfum

Floral Amber. Velvety. Warm.


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The Scent Story
Snow-covered mountain tops and frost-lined evergreen trees. A fire flickersbringing warmth to a glowing room. The elegant scent of rare RoseCentifolia caresses notes of warm Amber and velvety Musk for a feeling ofbeing wrapped in a soft and cozy cashmere blanket.

Aerin's Inspiration
"Amber Musk is a warm, inviting amber perfume you want to wrap yourselfin—like a soft cozy blanket on a cold snowy night. I love wearing this scentin cooler weather. It's perfect for an evening out or a night at home by thefire." —Aerin Lauder

The Fragrance Collection
AERIN's Fragrance Collection is a wardrobe of distinctive perfumes inspired by Aerin's own travels, experiences and memories. Amber Musk is a floral amber perfume inspired by the feeling of cozy warmth on cold winter's evening.