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Skincare 101

Let's break down the buzzwords.

Certain powerful ingredients in Perfectionist

Pro formulas may increase skin's sensitivity to

sun damage, so it's important to pair them

with the Multi-Defense UV Fluid SPF 45.

And of course, we recommend that everyone

wear a daily sunscreen to help protect skin

against future signs of aging.

What: A concentrated skincare treatment

that provides targeted benefits.

Why: Serums are designed with a lighter,

more liquid texture than cremes, so they can

absorb faster and penetrate deeper with their

concentrated, powerful ingredients.

What: A class of molecules made up

of amino acids.

Why: They're highly effective at helping skin

rejuvenate its own natural collagen. In particular,

the peptide Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, was engineered to

target production of Collagen-1, which is key

to fighting the appearance of sagging, lines

and wrinkles.

What: Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids,

which are chemical exfoliators.

Why: These naturally-occuring acids help

resurface skin to improve its texture and

radiance. They are often combined

for greater effect.

What: A form of Vitamin A, this is one

of the most effective anti-aging ingredients

in skincare.

Why: Retinol is known to dramatically

accelerate natural skin renewal, help skin

boost its natural collagen production and

reduce the look of lines and wrinkles.

What: A class of ingredients that help

protect against damaging free radicals,

which are naturally found outdoors

and even indoors.

Why: Free radicals attack healthy skin

to damage its youthful beauty—and

anti-oxidants can stop them in their tracks.

The result? Skin looks younger, longer.









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