Take a look at Violette’s Instagram page, and you’ll see that neutrals are a key "colour mood" for our Parisian Beauty Director. So it wasn’t all too surprising (nor were we disappointed) when she decided to go for more muted tones in her latest collection. But rather than just being inspired by a natural palette, Violette was inspired by all the many women that would wear the collection.

"For the Oh Naturelle! Collection, I wanted to create essential nudes for every woman to enhance and celebrate her beauty and femininity," Violette explains. "The collection’s soft shades, pearlescent finishes and luxurious textures were created to inspire all women to 'get undressed’ with their makeup and let their natural beauty shine through."

The six-piece collection includes an 8-shade Face & Eye Palette, a 15-shade EyeShadow Palette, and four new neutral hues of Pure Color Envy Paint-On Liquid Lip Color. But rather than having us give you our interpretation, we’ll let you hear straight from the source herself. Read on for more from Violette and why she’s not taking all the credit for her latest creation.

Why did you decide to create a nude collection?
I wanted to create one collection that had essential nudes, with shades that would flatter all women and finishes and textures that could be used to create a variety of looks. For years, I had to mix and match different products and was still having trouble finding the perfect nude shades. There was either too much pink or yellow, too much sparkle or not enough. I wanted to create a collection that any woman can take and make her own with whatever look she decides to create.

What does Oh Naturelle! mean to you?
Oh Naturelle! is about being yourself and celebrating your natural beauty. I want women to be inspired to get 'undressed’ with their makeup and use the colours and textures of this collection to celebrate their beauty and femininity.

What types of looks can you create with this collection?
What I love about this collection is that you can create infinite looks, whether it’s a soft everyday look, or a glowy nude base to then add a pop of colour or a touch of glitter. There is a lot of room for self-expression with this collection and I wanted it to be easy for every woman to use. The skin is also a big focus, so the finishes and textures of the Face & Eye Palette enhance the skin so it looks healthy and dewy, the perfect base for any makeup look, simple or dramatic.

For the Oh Naturelle! Collection, I wanted to create essential nudes for every woman to enhance and celebrate her beauty and femininity

How did you choose the colours and textures in the Oh Naturelle! Collection?
I always start with fabric samples when creating a collection and work to bring those textures and colours to life. But for this collection, it was also a collaboration with so many women from Estée Lauder, women of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities. It was so important to me that the shades and textures were versatile and complemented all skin tones, so we worked together to incorporate their ideas and feedback to develop Oh Naturelle! I’m so proud because I feel like it was a true collaboration that wasn’t just my vision, but the vision of so many women at Estée Lauder.

How does the EyeShadow Palette differ from other nude eye palettes?
The EyeShadow Palette is a complete nude palette for every skintone. The shades and finishes were very deliberately chosen to be the absolute essentials, not just so they look pretty when you open it. Use the deeper brown and copper shades to create a subtle smoky effect, or apply the nude shades for a soft natural look. Whether the look is glowy and luminous or more classic, this palette has it all.

Can you tell us about the Face & Eye Palette?
The Face & Eye Palette was created for the woman on the go. As someone who travels a lot, I wanted to create something that would take the stress out of packing, with highlighter, blush and eyeshadow shades and textures that can be worn during any season. I also wanted to include a different highlighter option for darker skintones, so I incorporated a copper-toned highlighter. I love using a copper highlighter instead of gold—it reflects off of the skin so beautifully. It can also be worn as a gorgeous eyeshadow...copper looks beautiful on everyone!

Why was it important to include four nude liquid lip shades in the collection?
As liquid matte lip colour is so rich and opaque, I found that it was harder for women with medium or darker skintones to find shades that really complemented their skin. Estée Lauder already has so many gorgeous nude liquid matte shades, so we added to that assortment with four beautiful new shades of the Pure Color Envy Paint-On Liquid Lip Color to fit even more women.

What is a must-have product of the collection?
The Face & Eye Palette is my must-have product. It is flattering for all skintones I love that it’s so convenient and versatile. Every woman can keep it in her bag and add a bit of colour and glow throughout her day.

If you had to choose between doing your eyes or your lips, which would you choose?
It depends on my mood. I will choose on or the other, but it depends on my mood!

What are your go-to shades from the collection?
I’m obsessed with the coral eyeshadow from the Face & Eye Palette. I dreamed of a coral shade for so long and I could never find one that was wearable but luminous and bright. It’s the perfect mix of orange and pink; it changes your whole look. For lips, I love the Liquid LipColor in Nude Tease—it looks great on all skin tones. It’s perfect for olive skin, on fair skin it looks super sophisticated, and on darker skin it’s a beautiful light nude. I suggest everyone try it...you might be surprised!

Thanks, Violette, we can’t wait to go bare!

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