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Drawn Together

Meet Instagram illustrator @moomooi and see how she
brings her fanciful 2D drawings to life in 3D, inspired by our
Modern Muse fragrance

Few life-changing career journeys start with a piece of gum, but for illustrator Meredith Wing, it’s all thanks to a Chiclet. A natural illustrator since childhood, Wing—who goes by the Instagram handle @moomooi—had always considered drawing a hobby, and instead had explored other pursuits (she has a Master’s in Architecture) as a career. But that chance Chiclet turned out to be something of a revelation: After placing it on a drawing of a girl to serve as her purse, she snapped a photo and uploaded it to Instagram. The response was so huge that she got the brainstorm to incorporate more found objects into her art.

That brings us to how we partnered with Wing. Her whimsical, feminine drawings gave us major Modern Muse vibes, and we thought it would be incredible to mix her art with the key notes of the fragrance. As a special Mother’s Day-themed treat, she created an exclusive drawing of a mother and daughter, then showed us three ways in the video above to dress them up. Watch the video for a dose of inspiration, then print out her illustration to use as your own template. Be sure to share your creations with us using #EsteeBeauties.

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