Beauty: Skincare

Meet Your
Moisture Match

A skincare routine without a moisturiser
does not make for a happy complexion.
Here’s how to find your skin’s better half.

They say everyone has a type. And if you compare the quest for the right moisturiser to the search for a life partner—just go with us here—you're looking at five typical checkboxes: Normal, Oily, Dry, Combination and Acne-Prone. (Occasionally Sensitive pops up here, too—and it’s probably sounding more and more like your latest online dating matches.)

But here's the thing: if you’ve scanned any beauty counter or website lately, you know the breadth of skincare options runs much wider than that. For example, how do you narrow the playing field when anti-ageing benefits, SPF and day vs. night cremes are in the mix? It was this question that inspired Estée Stories to take on the role of moisturiser matchmaker. With a new year ahead and your fresh complexion waiting to be revealed, here's a guide to finding your skin’s soulmate.

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