Inspiration: Beneath the Surface

Foundation Secrets

Watch as our Global Beauty Director Violette shows us
the tricks of the trade to creating the perfect base.

Our cult-favourite Double Wear foundation is known far and wide for being a woman's secret weapon to creating a flawless complexion. So what happens when you combine the power of Double Wear with the expertise of a makeup artist? We tapped our Global Beauty Director, Violette, to show you.

Working with her latest go-to formula, Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Makeup, Violette shows you how to apply it for the look of preternaturally impeccable skin—think "I woke up like this"-meets-"born this way" level perfection. This lightweight, fluid iteration of the original Double Wear formula is super blendable, meaning you can apply it for the level of coverage you need, right where you need it. See how Violette does hers, and pretty soon you'll be pulling off pro-level makeup artistry in the mirror every morning.

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