Beauty: Deskside Test Drive

Glow Goals

Trying out a new beauty product is always a gamble.
Here, our team members put their favourite Estée Lauder
innovations through a #DesksideTestDrive—so you
know exactly what you’re getting when you click to buy.

For three-quarters of the year, we fantasize about summer rolling around and all the time we’re going to spend being real-life bronze goddesses on a beach. But the reality is, we’re still spending the majority of our days behind a desk, and even when we do make it to the beach, we’re of course going to practice safe sun and slather ourselves in SPF. Fortunately, none of this means we have to sacrifice the vision of the radiant bronze goddess in our minds. That’s why we tapped Brook Diaz of our makeup product development team to show us her secrets to crafting an indoor glow with our bestselling Bronze Goddess collection. You’ll see within 30 seconds that Brook’s entire essence is that of the ultimate bronze goddess, so watch above and learn how you can bring the heat to your look, too.

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