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Master Multi-Tasker

Wellness expert and mom of 3 (soon to be 4!)
Hilaria Baldwin shares the beauty tricks that
take her through nonstop days.

In an ever-increasing list of daily to-dos, beauty routines can frequently take a backseat, especially when you’re a mom of three. Every morning feels like you’re off to the races, and by the time everyone is up, brushed, dressed and fed, the five minutes you need to slap on a little makeup is non-existent.

Fortunately for Hilaria Baldwin, she’s got the multi-tasking mom thing down pat. “My life is hectic, and I have learned to become very choosy about my essentials and very efficient about applying them,” she explains. That’s why she says she consistently reaches for Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick Radiant Makeup. Not only is it easy to apply in a 30-second window of freedom, but it lasts 8 hours, and, as Baldwin says, “It’s like coffee for my skin.”

Other must-haves for the infrequent-yet-blissful beauty time-out? “I am a big mascara fan. I feel like lashes always make me feel put together,” Baldwin admits. “And in the evening, I am obsessed with Pure Color Envy Lipsticks. I find them so easy to apply, moisturizing and long-lasting. This is so important, because when we go to an event, the chaos of feeding, bathing, and putting the kids to sleep means that I may not remember to reapply before the event...but it sticks!”

Watch above as Baldwin takes you through her day, from her quick tricks in the morning for applying Double Wear, to the fitness moves that make her feel more grounded.

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