Lifestyle: Fashion Matters

Foundations of Style

Fashion Director Grace Lam likes to say she dresses
“strange,” but here she shows it’s all about having the
courage to be yourself.

There’s something about fashion stylists that can seem a little intimidating. How do they always manage to look so put-together every single day? If you ask Fashion Director Grace Lam, the answer actually seems simple. “Never follow current trends too blindly,” she advises. “It’s important to explore different styles and be creative.”

Lam certainly knows a thing or two about creativity, having honed her styling skills first as (now editor-in-chief of British Vogue) Edward Enninful’s assistant, then going on to become the Senior Fashion Style Editor for Vogue China. She also cites her mom and three older sisters as fashion inspirations.

And her looks don’t stop with the clothes. “To me, fashion and beauty is like roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, as they are the perfect match,” Lam jokes. (Can you tell she’s British?) “If put together well, both elements help to enhance a person’s look. I always match my outfit with my makeup, as it is very important to have a complete look.” Of course, that starts with Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup. From there, it depends on the day, since Lam is never one to get stuck in a style rut. Watch above for more of her secrets and how she uses Double Wear as the foundation for every look.

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