Beauty: Makeup

On-the-Go Glow

Meet blogger Cara Santana and watch and learn
as she gets ready for 36 hours in New York City.

The life of a blogger can look like a fairytale. It seems like they're always in motion, jet-setting from one city to the next, and with a trunk full of fabulous outfits to take them from a morning matcha latte to a night out at the latest hotspot.

But as blogger Cara Santana can attest, the hustle is real. And while there are the weeklong stints in tropical locales, on this particular occasion, she had flown to New York from Los Angeles for less than 36 hours for events, meetings, and to squeeze in our little video shoot, of course. It's glamorous, to be sure, but also a lot of hard work.

Watch above as she takes us through her on-the-road glam routine—start from post-flight skincare through to the perfect matte lip—to get her ready to take on the town.

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